Charles Hartson
Born: 31 January 1842
Died: 11 June 1918

Father: Ferrin Hartshorn
Mother: Sarah Smith

Wife: Sarah Jane Marlett
Children: Eva A Hartson, Frank Hartson, Elsie M Hartson, William Hartson, Kittie Hartson, George Henry Hartson

From my research, I understand that Charles Hartson was independent from a young age, and moved around many times. He lived at various times in Idaho, Oregon, and California, eventually settling in Susanville near Honey Lake, where he became a successful alfalfa farmer.

From This is a picture of the Charles and Sarah Hartson family at the ranch homestead in Honeylake valley. They grew hay and were very successful. The older lady to left is Sarah Jane Marlette Hartson and left of her is Charles Hartson.