Anna Maria Stuber
My 3rd Great Grandmother

Born: 31 Oct 1838 in Muhledorf, Canton Solothurn, Switzerland
Died: 14 May 1912 in St. Michael, Nebraska

Father: Johannes Stuber
Mother: Maria Baumgartner

Husband: Charles Herr (died 1862 in the Civil War)

Husband: Johann Gottlieb Mueller
Children: Oscar Ludwig Miller

Anna Maria Stuber Miller

Anna Maria Stuber Miller

Pictured above, Anna Maria Stuber Miller with her granddaughters Clarice & Edna. I am working on verifying the dates and locations of the photos.

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Stuber siblings of this generation, except for the youngest, Jacob, emigrated to America in 1853. (Note: that means Anna Maria was 15 when she emigrated!)

Anna Maria first married Charles Herr in 1857 and had two sons, Carl Walter, born February 14, 1858, and George William, born January 23, 1860. Carl died at six weeks and George at 6 months of age. Both were born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Charles Herr was killed in the Civil war. You can read a translation of a letter from Charles to Anna, download here.

You can also see a translation of a letter (or possibly a mix of two letters) Anna Maria received from back home, download here.