Kerstin Andersdotter
My 4th Great Grandmother

Born: 30 Jul 1808 in Föllinge, Jamtland, Sweden
Died: 1906 in Offerdal, Jamtland, Sweden

Father: unknown

Mother: unknown

Husband: Anders Jonsson

Children: Johannes Andersson Forsling

Kerstin was born in Föllinge, Jamtland, which is 100 km from where her husband was born. They were married in Föllinge when she was 20 and he was 22. How did they meet?

Her husband died in Göteborg at age 50, but she lived for another fifty years, dying at age 98! And she died back in Jamtland, in the town of Offerdal, which is about halfway between where she was born and where her husband was born.

Below is a Google Streetview from the center of Föllinge. Nothing to see here, move along now …

Föllinge, Jamtland