Anders Jonsson
My 4th Great Grandfather

Born: 14 Dec 1805 in Halland, Jamtland, Sweden
Died: 7 Dec 1856 in Göteborg, Sweden

Father: unknown

Mother: unknown

Wife: Kerstin Andersdotter

Children: Johannes Andersson Forsling

Jamtland is fairly far north, bordering Norway. Below is a snapshot of Google Maps to give you an idea where, as well as the closest Google Streetview to where the village of Halland is. In this picture, you see there is a small dirt road turning off to the right. This is the road to Halland.

Anders married his wife Kerstin in Jamtland before they both moved to the south. I am very curious what brought them to Göteborg.

Halland Jamtland Sweden Halland Jamtland Streetview