Alfred Forsling
My 2nd Great Grandfather

Born: 10 Dec 1861 in Varberg Ö, Karl Gustav, Halland, Sweden

Died: 6 Feb 1932 in Kimball, Nebraska

Father: Johannes Andersson Forsling

Mother: Inga Kajsa Abrahamsdotter

Wife: Ida Marie Johnson

Children: Elmer Theodore Forsling

The first map gives you an idea of where in Sweden Alfred Forsling was born, and the second map zooms in to give a closer look. It appears to be a tiny village on the shore of a small lake, about 30 km inland from the coast, south of Gothenburg.

There are a few other places named Varberg along the coast in this area, but I am guessing this one is his birth location because I also found information mentioning Karl Gustav, and this is the closest of the Varbergs to Karlgustav.

Varberg Ö_zoom out Varberg Ö_closeup